Monday, December 6, 2010

scenes from the weekend

Pip wants to live under the Christmas tree. The tree skirt went under, and she moved in. She tries to drink her water from the tree stand too.

It's cold and dark, so we need to bake a lot and pack on some pounds.

I pointed out a cute dog, so my kids took it as a clue (or sign...kismet if you will) that I was ready for a dog (as 3 cats are not enough) so they took to the computers to scour the shelter sights to find us a dog. They read out all their sad stories, to stir sympathy.

We found our "perfect" tree and up it went. My kiddos did all the decorating on the tree
this year. The pinwheels are up, and look pretty cute.

Homework still needs to be done, but everyone is counting down the days to break.

I am not nearly far enough along on my shopping.

I find lots of things for myself, while shopping for others.

The tree appeared to be perfect, but the needles are falling fast and furious.

The outside had to get spruced up too. I added red and white plaid flannel to the swags and vintage barrel...that's as crafty as I could get this weekend.

We watched "The Way We Were"...I know, not holiday-ish...but it's a great movie. I cried.

I ordered our Christmas cards...whew!



  1. Love your front door. I am ready for the kids to be out. My oldest are studying for exams...yuck!

  2. Your decorations look good. I think I am in the same spot. (Not far enough) I also find neat things for myself while shopping. I find it best to stay home and order online, hah. Happy Holidays.

  3. sounds like a perfect weekend. your tree looks beautiful!


  4. Oh Pip is too cute! Your tree and front entrance looks really beautiful and inviting. Christmas cards, I gotta get on that!

  5. that is so funny about your cat! i love the branches under your lights on either side of the door. and yes...the only time i find things for myself is when i have no money to spend OR i'm shopping for others for Christmas! xo

  6. You had a lovely busy weekend. Looks to me like you got lots accomplished, I love the simplicity of your outdoor decorations. Hugs-C


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