Tuesday, December 28, 2010

casual living

via simplecasualliving.blogspot

I saw this great decorating book at a little book store
on one of our pre-holiday shopping trips. I loved it, and thought
I would try to find a few images from the book to show you.

which is about what casual style means and how to get the look right.

I don't know about you, but at this time of year I always feel ready to freshen things up a little. As I was throwing that tree out the door
yesterday, I was dreaming of organizing...
maybe moving some furniture around.

The book talks about paring down your belongings...I need to work on that.
Make it personal...who doesn't love a house with personality and personal touches everywhere.

But most of all...don't try too hard.


  1. I am home....and so glad to be visiting once again...you are soooooo like me...just got back today..tree down!!!! Reorganized my kitchen...tomorrow is my living room.Love this kind of year...I usually am so sick of Christmas clutter that my winter look becomes very sparse and clean....

    Hugs of JOY to you....hope your Christmas was amazing...mine was!

    Happy reoganizing!

  2. that books looks fantastic! thank you so much for sharing about it.
    i'm going to run and check amazon for that goody! :)


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