Saturday, December 4, 2010

pick a tree...

from all of us 1921 image via shorpy

wide christmas 1920 image via shorpy


I have mentioned before how much I love all
of the great old photos on Shorpy.

I found these Christmas pictures on Shorpy...and noticed a couple from the same time frame (1920 and 1921) with these big wide Charlie Brown trees. I guess this was the style of tree back then instead of tall pointy trees. Maybe people got stuck with sad trees and just cut off the
top and stuffed them in the room.

We are off to pick out our Christmas tree...and I don't think it will
look like these.


  1. Loved this post. Made me feel better about my own tree choices. Happy tree hunting! -Tracy (

  2. Oh we picked ours out yesterday and put it up today....we didn't realize how big it was!!!! Hope yours is the perfect tree my sweet friend. xoxoxo JOY


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