Tuesday, December 14, 2010

holiday hairdos

We had so much fun with this little holiday hair
preview at our house last night.

My girls picked out some of their favorite hairdos from fashion magazines...
it was my job to "create" and their job to model.

We gathered up the styling gel, hairspray, and bobby pins...and some
good Forever 21 accessories
and went to town.

My lighting was kinda funky for the pictures, since
by the time we got around to all this is was
pretty late...but you get the idea.

My youngest wore her retro waves (Veronica Lake)
to school today.
She has the hair for that one.


  1. What a fun thing to do, Ashlyn! And what lovely models you have! I need to do this with my girls...they'd love it!

    Hope you have a wonderful winter day!


  2. Now that is one thing I can't do with my boys! :) The messy side bun in my favorite!

  3. sweet looks, ashlyn. could your girls be any cuter?
    i don't think so...


  4. So much fun...how old are your girls?...this sweetpea looks the same age as my youngest.

    Hugs. xoxoxo

  5. koralee,

    My twins are 13, and my youngest is 12.


  6. You're girls look lovely,
    when i was young, my sister and i also tried different things with our hair...we had very long hair then...i wish you and your familie happy holidays!!
    With love,


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