Thursday, December 9, 2010

fragrant fir snowflakes from Sunset Magazine

MATERIALS (for one snowflake)
• Five fir sprigs of equal length (7 in. maximum)
• Three 18-in. pieces of 20-gauge floral wire
• Three 18-in. pieces of 22-gauge floral wire
• Ribbon


Step 1: Lay two fir sprigs upside down, end to end.
Bend one end of an 18-in. piece of 20-gauge floral wire into a loop for hanging. Set the loop of wire flush with the top of a sprig, with the wire's other end resting along the length of both sprigs.

Step 2: Secure the loop-topped wire to the end-to-end sprigs by wrapping an 18-in. piece of the thinner (22-gauge) wire every couple of inches along the length of the two sprigs. Twist the straight end of the thicker wire around the tip of the bottom sprig to finish.

Repeat with another pair of end-to-end sprigs, omitting the initial loop. Then repeat with a single sprig, again omitting the initial loop, and leaving the excess wire (do not clip).

Step 3: Cross the two dual-sprig pieces (one on top of the other) to form an X (they're the top four pieces in the photo of step 3), then twist the wired sprigs together where they meet in the center. Bend the X slightly as needed to make room for the fifth sprig.

Step 4: Position the fifth sprig as shown at left.

Wrap its excess wire several times around the center of the X until it's tightly in place. Bend all wired sprigs as needed to refine the snowflake shape.

Thread one or more ribbons through the loop to hang.

Is this idea cute or what?! I found it from Sunset...and I think I want to try it.
Find the full post from Sunset Magazine here.


  1. Cute yes! You make such lovely things Ashlyn, very inspiring. This weekend i'm working on my pinwheels, I can't wait :)

  2. love this idea, ashyn. ever so festive!


  3. No way....these are amazing!!!!!!! Why is it everytime I pop over here there is something I need to add to my have made me one busy gal my friend....adore your ideas...I think we could live together just fine! xoxoxo

    Happy Friday. {already???}

  4. These are brilliant! I finished the pinwheels on a Thursday and still need to add the embellishments but that should be easy peasy fun. I tried the ball with the paper leftover from pinwheels and just about lost my mind. Thanks for posting these they are just so simple but original.


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