Sunday, November 7, 2010

The stuff that never happened

This book is a character drama about Annabelle and Grant McKay who have been married for 26 years and are recent empty nesters. It is revealed that Annabelle had an affair with Jeremiah in the early years of her marriage. He is on her mind again because Grant is writing a book and has become overly wrapped up in his work. Annabelle is feeling neglected and she is questioning her role now that her children are gone. Not to give too much away, Annabelle runs into Jeremiah again, and now Annabelle must deal with the reality that she has only thought about.

I liked this book a lot! The characters are very believable and likable. I really like a book when you can't figure out the characters path...and this kept me guessing.

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  1. Dear Ashlyn, Wow! Thanks so much for such a thoughtful review of my book. I am so glad that you liked it--and that it kept you guessing. It actually kept ME guessing too, when I was writing it. I really appreciate your reading it and letting your followers know about it. Thank you!
    And I am so totally going to make that sausage potato soup. It looks delicious!


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