Wednesday, November 17, 2010


via country living and modernfurnitureset

1. a toasty fire (naturally!)
2. a cozy bed, with lots of soft blankets.
3. hot chocolate (with whipped cream.)
4. chocolate and other goodies (to nibble.)
5. holiday music playing in the background
6. cats snoozing around us.
7. lots of fab magazines and books here and there.
8. throws on the chairs and couches (to promote snuggling or napping.)
9. comfort food cooking in the oven and smelling so good.
10. love and laughter.
11. a hint of snow and cold outside.

I am feeling the need for cozy this time of year.
How about you?
What things mean cozy to you?


  1. i am soo happy to have stumbles ...somehow...upon your blog...
    very happy follower number17!

    & after scrolling through & finding the gorgeously timeless keri i one of your posts...i was hooked!!
    thank you for some *lovely*, with my glass of wine tonight...

    melissa x

  2. beautiful pics. extremely cozy!


  3. All of that + eating breakfast and then going back to bed. xoxo

  4. Oh, you are calling my name with these pretty "cozies!"


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