Tuesday, November 9, 2010

handmade country french style chandelier

via shopscad

This handmade chandelier is awfully pretty. The artist is Virginia Wynne, and her work is available on shopscad.com. Now it is just slightly out of my price range at $4000.00.

But the main reason that I am posting about it, is the top picture with the adorned look.
I think decorating any chandelier at home like this for the holidays would be really sweet.
I like the unstudied look of it with the yarn, ribbon, branches,
foliage, gems, and old photographs.


  1. used to be a fan of this sort of lighting but seem to be 'mrs slightly cynical all chandeliered out nowadays' which is just as well as i only have £1.50 to my name! phew...

  2. that first pic is so intriguing.

    i like the idea, too, of things dripping off a chandelier. greenery (um, that i guess doesn't catch on fire), christmas ornaments, ribbons, etc.

    one day i'm going to own a fabulous chandelier!!!

  3. Your first picture in particularly is amazingly awesome, Ahslyn!! Love the idea. December is the month of chandeliers, isn't it? Well chandeliers are always gorgeous ;)
    Have a happy Tuesday. xxxx

  4. Oh I pick the top one!!! I would love to do this my friend...thank you for sharing the inspiration today...hugs xoxoxo


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