Monday, November 1, 2010

the first day

via suzie beezie


1. The kiddos had a big sleepover.
2. The hubby and I watched "Repo Man" on Friday night.I do love Jude Law, but the movie was just so-so and pretty gory.
3. The kids went to a haunted house. They said it was really scary.
4. We had a nice lunch out, then carved the pumpkins and waited for the trick or treaters.
5. At the last minute, my 13 year old twins, and 12 year old decided they DID want to trick or treat. They were mimes and a nerd. Very last minute and not very convincing. They scored on the candy though, as our neighborhood is pretty out of the there were probably only a handful of kids.
6. Welcome November! Bring on the red, yellow, and green.


  1. I found a big bunch of pine cones this weekend! Thought of you.

  2. those images are lovely -- little pops of red add so much warmth to a room! sounds like you had a great weekend! happy november!


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