Wednesday, November 10, 2010

hanging tissue pom-poms


she loves it, and jumps for joy

so cute!
what are you looking at....I'm trying to bathe here!

One of my kiddos rooms has some cute paper lanterns hanging from
the ceiling. But, they were looking kinda sad and lonely.

Since I love the hanging tissue pom-poms that are everywhere in blogland
I decided to liven up my daughter's bedroom with them.

I made three tissue pom-poms....
one in white, one in blue, and one in turquoise.
Then I added them to the 3 lonely lanterns.

Her room looks so much better!
These pom-poms are fun and really easy to make.
All you need is tissue paper (mine is from Target), and some wire.
Really, I think Pip could even do it.....
once she finishes her bath.


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