Monday, November 8, 2010

smug smeg

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Remember in Bridget Jone's Diary when she goes to dinner with the
"smug marrieds."

Well people, I imagine that if my kitchen featured one of these

A lovely retro fridge from the!

Off to the ortho with a kiddo and then on to get my haircut and colored.
It is looking pretty hideous at this point. Does anyone else wait to get their
hair cut and colored until you can't stand it anymore? I can never seem
to schedule a regular every couple month appointment.

Instead it has been 3 months...not a good look.

Goodbye roots and gray!

Have a happy monday!


  1. Seeing the pink fridge reminded me of the cool hot pink Christmas tree I saw at Borders the other day... I want it! Happy hair day!!! tf (

  2. You found some amazing images, must check out some of your links... Thanks for visiting with me.
    Have a happy h a p p y Monday! xx

  3. um we seem similar: smeg, roots and grey; love 'em, hate 'em. thanks for your generous comment; nice to meet you; linda...

  4. i'd be 'smug' if i had a 'smeg'. love these images, but i must say, it has the one of the worst names ever. check out yvestown's blog for her kitchen pics, they're to die for...

    have a great evening.


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