Friday, December 30, 2011

some craftiness from 2011...

1. hand carved stamps, 2. make your own boden ruffled necklace , 3. lampshade re-do, 4. make it Free People Malta necklace , 5. dip-dye cloth napkins, 6. anthro display make it, 7. wrap your hostess gift, 8. cute little bowls, 9. anthro popped tiers necklace make it, 10. faux jadeite cake stand, 11. make it wire inspiration board , 12. Salvage corner block stand make it, 13. crystal chain bracelets , 14. brown bag gift wrap, 15. felt holly berry sprig craft.


  1. Hi Ashlyn-

    It is ALL so pretty. You are so creative and inspiring! I am looking forward to following along with you in 2012.

    Hope you are feeling better - we are all sick here, too. :(

    Happy New Year-

    My best- Diane

  2. Craft much?! Some great inspiration here, you're making me feel very lazy. Sorry you guys have been sick, look at the bright side though, you probably didn't gain the 10 lbs I did! Hope your feeling well enough to ring in the New Year properly! Looking forward to all you have in store in 2012!xo

  3. HI Ashlyn,
    Happy New Year and so happy to hear everyone is on the mend! I am loving your re-cap of craft projects. I've seen most of them, but a few I think I missed and you have me so inspired for a few projects. I may even give the dip-dye napkins a try yet this weekend! You really are very creative and so my style!

  4. You've had such a creative crafting year! I'm glad everyone has kicked the sickness to the curb and you can ring in the New Year with good health and lots of happiness! Thanks for your friendship and support this year xo


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