Monday, December 5, 2011

scrumptious chicken noodle soup

recipe here.


  1. Sounds delicious. We are having soup day weather today - rainy! It's nice that there are so many different ways to enjoy chicken soup - I will have to try your version!

  2. This looks SO good, Ashlyn! I really don't think there's anything in the world better than homemade chicken noodle soup--just warms you up inside & out!

    Have fun with all the Christmas shopping--sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!


  3. yum! there's nothing I love better than a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup :)

  4. That made my mouth water! Too bad I don't have all those supplies in the house right now. I'd be on my way to the kitchen to make soup instead of work!

  5. Why have I never thought to add heavy cream to my chicken good would that be? Scrumptious is right! Loving your design today with the yellow chevron pattern.


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