Tuesday, November 29, 2011

felt holly berry sprig craft + it's my 300th post!


  1. So darling....yes decorating is in full swing over here...lots of woolly bits and pom poms...Hugs

  2. wow! 300 posts and all wonderful ones with so much thought..like this one. Love all your decorations on your sideboard. I have not even planted my paper whites yet...I do remember some years thinking they grew a couple of inches every day...

  3. Just darling...I am loving felt and crafts right now...yes, its full steam ahead and hoping my new wood floors get put down before santa comes to town...my old floor was damaged by my leaking dishwasher which has caused unbelievable hiccup in my plans, but working around that obstacle regardless!!!!
    Here's to decorating!!!!

  4. Happy 300th post! I started decorating Thanksgiving day this year. That's a little early for me, but I was so ready for Christmas to get here. My boys are older this year and they are very excited about Christmas. Very festive ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your sideboard looks so pretty and I love your garland! I'm keeping it simple this year with just a few bobbles since all of our decorations are in storage in Canada. Happy 300th post!
    as for the paperwhites, are they in a fairly warm spot? perhaps it's a little too warm and it's making them grow quicker? xo

  6. 300 - wahoo! i love these felt leaves and am pinning them and contimplating making them for this years packages. love!

  7. I love your ideas for Christmas decorating ideas was searching the net and I came across your wonderful blog, congratulations and Merry Christmas from Spain.


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