Tuesday, December 20, 2011

feeling the mod vibe...

how to make the mid-century modern gingerbread house here.

diy tutorial mid-century starburst here.


  1. That gingerbread house is the bomb. Happy wrapping...hate that chore. Shame on me. Merry Christmas girlie.

  2. That is the most unique gingerbread house I've ever seen, very cool! Good luck with your wrapping, I have the same goal. Right after I finish all the sewing.

  3. Happy wrapping...I have to do the same...it will be a full night indeed...hugs for a wonderful Christmas filled with oooodles of JOY and LOVE sweet friend. xoxoxo

  4. A mid-century gingerbread house...I love it! I would love to know a few of your favorite shops in NYC...to put on my list next time we are there...I have a feeling you would seek out the best and most interesting.

  5. I totally feel ya on the wrapping. It gets old, right?! So far I've had my daughter do most of it. Now just need to do hers. If only she could wrap her own!
    That gingerbread house is so fabulous and I love the starburst, i think I will attempt it for my glitter tree...eventually ; ) xo

  6. How cool is that gingerbread house? So original!

  7. That modern GB house is adorable. Maybe next year.

    I am following you now and would love it if you'd return the favour


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