Tuesday, December 6, 2011

quilt cozy

via cassandraellis.co.uk, anthropologie, urbanhoutfitters, ivillage, blueisbleu.blogspot.


  1. Quilts just say love don't they. They are the one thing I can't get rid of no matter how tattered. I know someone spent hours on them and throwing them out is unthinkable. Great pic, so cozy! xo

  2. i'm fascinated by all of the beautiful quilts on pinterest. i'm wishing i knew someone who knew how to quilt, i'd love to learn.


  3. i love quilts...have my own little collection. my honey thinks it makes me a country bumpkin. i beg to differ;)

  4. Those are some wonderful quilts. When I was a little girl and the family would go camping in the family cabin, we would pile the bed with quilts from my Grandmother's (she was a quilter but can't anymore because she's lost her sight.) In the mornings my Mom would sit on the bed and point out all the scraps of fabric that had been feed sacks, then dresses for her and her sisters growing up. I loved that! I have 2 quilts that my Grandmother made for me and I can now point to the scraps of fabrics from the clothes that my Mom made for me and my sister too!

  5. Great post..I do love the look of a quilt. These are all great images of cozy spots and the quilt just makes it!

  6. I adore quilts! Winter time is the perfect time to grab a well loved quilt and a mug of hot chocolate!


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