Monday, April 11, 2011

party time

chalk cloth oilcloth pennant party banner magpie and cake etsy.

red striped paper straws love to party etsy.

Martha's tissue paper pom poms here.

cupcake flags/template download here. I used the download as a template and cut my flags out of scrapbook paper.

Pioneer Woman Devil Dogs and That's the Best Frosting I've Ever Had recipes here.


  1. Looks sooo great Ashlyn!! I love that oil cloth pennant!! Mostly, I want to eat all that pizza.

  2. what an adorable birthday party - you are such a good mama!

  3. looks like the best party ever, ashlyn. happiest of birthday wishes to your twins.


  4. Love all the touches, the banner and flags are adorable! Your girls are mighty lucky to have such a great mom :)

  5. What a cheerful party! My oldest turns 14 next month. They get big so quickly!

  6. Now that looks like fun!! What a sweet mom you are...great ideas..I have one turning 16 in a few months..may have to borrow some of these. xoxox hugs

  7. What a wonderful looking party, Ashlyn! LOVE that oilcloth pennant--may have to go and get one of those myself!

    I'll bet your girls had a ball!

    Hope you're having a wonderful night, my friend...


  8. What a fun party...I love the colors. And devil dogs - I love devil dogs! So I guess they are the vanilla version? Happy Birthday to your girls! I bet you can't believe they are 14.


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