Friday, April 15, 2011

blue room

**After I posted this... I got my new issue of Country Living in the mail. On page 102 story title "Family Values" this house is featured. The living room is styled in a completely different way though. I only recognized the house because of the kitchen, which you can see if you click the link below.

Take the rest of the tour via House of Turquoise.


  1. love wythe blue from ben. moore. i've been looking for a new blue for my living room, it's currently sweet william from ben. moore. it's beyond time for a change.

    we've cold and rainy weather here today, as well. But it's giving me an excuse to put off the yard work and finish my book while my littlest one naps.

    hope your weekend is lovely, ashlyn.

  2. I adore that room!
    I am so ready for the spring, enough of this rain.
    Let's hope for sunshine!

  3. Oh yes my friend this colour is so lovely....My living room and dinning room are blue but just a shade lighter. What a lovely lovely home.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend. xoxo

  4. Love the fresh blue walls and well, the entire room! It's rainy and cold here too :( But perfect weather to stay indoors and watch movies, read, etc. and a good excuse to relax :) Hope you're having a good weekend :)

  5. Your blog is SO how you put it all together!

  6. This blue room is so pretty! We are updating some paint over here and I thought it was funny I had my paint fan open to Palladium Blue - right under the Wythe. Noah wants blue or a gray brown for his room so we will see what he chooses. Oh - also - that was so fun to see you featured on Holly's blog - so great that more people will hear about your adorable blog!

  7. Just found you via Holly Mathis Interiors. So glad I did! I'll be following ;)


  8. This color is great! It is nice to see a livable living room too. This is my first look via Holly Mathis. Look forward to seeing more!

  9. I'd love to see more of the fireplace and the green wall color is beautiful. I really like the carpet too.


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