Thursday, April 7, 2011

great hand stenciled wall....

I loved this wallpaper look from a Before & After on Design Sponge.

But, the homeowner says in the comments section :

I actually hand stenciled that wall. Some might question my sanity, but I cut about 550
circles out of freezer paper with an Xacto,
ironed the negatives to the wall, and painted the circles in grey.

I love this idea, and it turned out great!!

Check out the whole before & after here.


  1. Ha! I do question her sanity...of course I've been contemplating a similar project(a different pattern though) for my upstairs hall for a long time now. This really makes me want to give it a try.

  2. Amazing idea but not sure i would have the patience! It looks great though xx

  3. ohhh i'm loving this!!!

  4. So happy you posted this b/c I was questioning my sanity just last night, too...I've been searching for the perfect wallpaper for Stella's bathroom and I think I found it in a Peter Fasano paper, appropriately named Stellae. It's a pale blue background w/ tiny white stars. I am seriously contimplating painting the wall instead and doing the stars myself...maybe in gold instead. It would be a giant project! So I'm thrilled to see this post. Have a glorious Sunday, Ashlyn! xo

  5. Looks well worth the effort! Love the row of chairs too!


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