Monday, February 20, 2012


The sneakpeeq giveaway is still going on people - if you want to win enter here.
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  1. I love the pillow in the top-center photo. They grey and white one. Where is that from?

  2. Hi there Jed and Ivy,

    That is an Ikea pillow that I bought a few years ago, so I don't know if Ikea still sells them.


  3. Looks like a perfect weekend...good food, fresh air and snow. And I'm sure your feet were plenty cozy in those Sorell's. I adore your collages, but I always say that! It's true! Your new little pock-a-dot vase looks very sweet.

  4. great shots! love your design with the pops of colour. looks like a lovely home.

  5. I really love your pillows! They look perfect on your white sofa. Sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend. Ours was sandy outside so not a lot of outdoor activities. Caught up on some taped tv shows, went out for dinner to a hotspot Asian fusion restaurant {always great for people-watching too}.

  6. I always love your weekending posts and pics :) I hope you can get to NYC and enjoy time with the girls.
    Ashlyn thank you for your friendship and support, I hope you know how much it's meant to me. xx

  7. Loving your new pillows. Your house looks great and your vase is so adorable. Goes so well. Looks like a fun weekend! I used to have a similar green snow outfit when I was growing up! Do your boots hurt the front part of your leg? I've only worn mine twice, but that second time I put them on my legs were killing me. They are adorable though! I think I just need to break them in - crazy that it isn't happening weather wise in Michigan this year.

  8. i love the colorful pillows- so pretty!


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