Monday, February 27, 2012

set design from The Vow + happy anniversary

set design from The Vow apartment therapy here.


  1. Happy Anniversary.
    Love the much going on. I would have missed what was going on while watching the movie.

  2. Yay for marriage!! Love the set too!! That kitchen is amazing:)
    D :)

  3. That's how long honey and I've been married too. Happy anniversary! Cool set. Love those funky lights in the kitchen.

  4. So great that your girls know good design when they see it, mine is the same.
    Happy Anniversary! So nice to be happily married isn't it? Beats the alternative! Congrats for the accomplishment!

  5. Happy Anniversary Ashlyn! My husband and I are coming up for 23 years married this year which is unbelievable. You must have been a child bride like me!! Ha ha!
    This set looks fantastic. I'll have to keep an eye out for the movie - the set alone has me wanting to see it.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you two! Time flies doesn't it? We'll be celebrating 22 years this year (we married young) and oddly enough, I'm not sick of him yet! xo

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and the Husband!!
    When you start your Boho bedroom are you going to do that rough planked wall behind your bed?? That would be an amazing detail that I would love to see happen! It's a very cozy space.


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