Friday, February 3, 2012

removable wallpaper...

temporary wallpaper top left clockwise. Wallcandyarts french bull rose , Wallcandyarts stripes sorbet, Tempaper Bela coco and sand, Tempaper Gio silver, Sherwin Williams Kathy Ireland easy change, Pottery Barn Savannah


  1. I always forget about removable wallpaper. We need to take down the awful paper in Stella's bathroom and I'd love to re-paper it. It's such a commitment, though, I'm having a hard time deciding. Now I'm thinking maybe I'll install horizontal planks instead. ha!

  2. Have you considered using fabric instaed of wallpaper and attaching it to the walls using liquid starch? I did this eons ago in an apartment with great success. Sometimes fabric is easier to come by and when you tire of it on your walls, you can wash it and use it for pillows, drapes or ...?
    Here is a link to fabric decals:
    use the same process for fabric panels.


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