Wednesday, January 11, 2012

pollyanna with a side of the january funks and some ikat


  1. Sorry it's not an easy transition. I hope you find a good doctor and nice friends soon! Score on your new curtains. Ladies like you with such good taste amaze me. I'm doing good to get some linen ikea curtains up. The patterns you chose are fantastic!

  2. Oh yes..there still are a lot of very sweet people out there...Hugs to you and good luck finding a doctor. xoxoxo

  3. Yup, things don't always go as anticipated. When we lived in Ireland, despite the assurances I got about how friendly and welcoming people are, I think it actually only applies when you're a tourist there on vacation because in 4 years, not one Irish person welcomed me into their social circle. It was a very lonely time. In Dubai, I've already made 2 really good friends and met a few other lovely women so things are much more positive (maybe because we're all expats in the same situation?). And, I was able to call up an endocrinologist and get in to see him on the spot! A definitely improvement over the months of referral waiting in Canada.
    Hang in there - I think your curtain luck is going to spread! xo

  4. Oh Ashlyn, I need a little Pollyanna in my life too. At least once a day when I find myself thinking about what I don't have or what is wrong with whatever situation I'm in I try to remind myself that it's my attitude that really needs adjusting!
    I've lived here for over 10 years now and I'm in a friend drought at the moment. I wish you were closer. We could go meet somewhere for lunch! Good luck with the DR!

    I love those curtains! Isn't it the best when someone in customer service does their job well and is gracious about it.

  5. I totally feel this post for many reasons. First of all, the friends thing, I lived in Minneapolis for two years prior to moving to San Diego and I had the hardest time making friends there. It was awful. People were very friendly, in that I could ask them for directions, but as far as making meaningful connections with people it was tough! Secondly, I've been in a funky dunk too... for sometime now. It has been a rough few months and it just started to feel like everything was going badly. We hardly left my house for two weeks (rare for me) and I didn't want to be around my friends because pretending to be happy when I wasn't got to be exhausting. I'm feeling much, much better now and I think it's great that you are able to share with the world. I was not brave enough to do that! I hope for you that your feelings are temporary and smiles are right around the corner!


  6. Sorry Ashlyn! I relate completely. I think it's harder to find people to really connect with the older I get. I've been in Little Rock for 18 months now and still only feel like I have one girlfriend...and it's still nothing like the relationships I moved away from. Luckily you have some wonderful online friends! Unfortunately, we're too far away to commiserate over a glass of wine together, dangit. Hang in there, can't be happy all the time...just ask the librarian, he knows! xo


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