Friday, January 27, 2012

happy friday...

The UrbanWalls giveaway is still going on so enter here.


  1. Goodmorning Ashlyn, Thank you for visiting my tiny blog!I have been lurking around many blogs for several years now but finally decided I should officially follow a few of my favorites! I happened upon yours more recently and it has quickly become one of my regular peeks. I love your decorating style and also enjoy the girlie posts. My only daughter attends college out of state so our crafting sessions are very limited these days!! It's fun to see what other moms and daughters are creating! I have three teenage boys at home and their crafting days are long gone!! I will also share that my oldest son was hospitalized for nine days over the Christmas holiday. He had a ruptured appendix that was initially misdiagnosed and resulted in a very serious infection. It was a very scary time and I spent day and night at his bedside. Christmas was especially difficult because of the worry and not being together for more than an hour as a family. Christmas day your blog was my companion!! While my son napped I perused the many beautiful photos and archives. It kept my mind from going to very dark places and helped me feel "normal".I can happily report Caleb is almost back to normal but wanted to let you know what a comfort these pages were to a complete stranger!! So thank you!! Patricia :)

  2. yep...I would say you are indeed keeping it real!

  3. Oh your July will be fun! My husband was talking about booking things already too for the Summer.
    Have fun with your girls. xoxoxo

  4. that looks like life at my house, if you add 3 more cats & me obsessively chasing them down with a bottle of cholrox clean up and a roll of paper towels...thanks for the pretty stuff AND for the real stuff!


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