Wednesday, June 1, 2011

random inspiration

via tinydallas, hollymathisinteriors, kellyrae.


  1. love the inspiration pics, ashlyn.

    whoa, a move to upstate new york? i'm thinking i must have missed a post or two of yours... so exciting to move cross country, and such a chance to renew, rethink, organize and sort all areas of life.

    i'll be thinking of you!

  2. Love all the art wall inspiration. Good luck with all that packing! As we shovel stuff from one room to the other here at the Reslus Arms I hope that I can do a bit of purging too!!
    Also, I think that great little chair in the last pic came from Target. About a year ago they had all kinds of great slipper chairs on their website. I haven't checked in a while but it might make a nice gift for yourself for your new NY home :)

  3. Packing is no fun but such a great excuse to purge and donate so that you can get new things for the new house, yay! :) I love all of your inspirations Ashlyn, I can't wait to see your new home and how you decorate. But for now, good luck with the packing and the move. Will it be soon?
    Natasha xo

  4. I can't even imagine a big move like yours! It will surely be an adventure. I haven't even cleaned my office out yet this year and that was one of my goals for the school year. I start and then stop. Best Wishes to you and your family! Too bad your not coming to Michigan :)

  5. Ashlyn- how far upstate is upstate? We're in Albany - let me know if you'll be close!


  6. Hey....we are going through a move too...but just a new home in the same city. So I can relate to your sorting and packing. You are so right...they pack everything!!! I am on my own this time as my husband is still working his same job. I just need to get at it! xoxo hugs.

  7. Love that mantel! Good luck with the move. I had to chuckles since we have been moved by my husband's company twice and it's hilarious what gets packed sometimes.


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