Thursday, June 9, 2011

making memories

Cheryl Fudge Country Living, Chery Fudge Nantucket. patches etsy. tote JoAnn. fabric via purlbee.

rick rack etsy. flower trim etsy. buttons etsy.


  1. Fun idea! When I was a kid, people sewed those travel badges on the sleeve of their windbreakers. You could tell in a jiffy who had done a lot of traveling. (Yes, we also used to say words like "jiffy" when I was a kid... that was quite a while ago.)

  2. What a wonderful idea, Ashlyn! I'll be on the lookout for things to make some of my own--summer is definitely a perfect time for these!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. I love this so much, what a great idea! Times like this when I wish I would have kept my old pins and badges. Alicia joined a cheerleading team a few years back and we're keeping all her badges so this would be a fun project for us to do! Thanks for the idea Ashlyn :)

  4. Wat an adorable blog! I just read about fifteen of your entries and have you on my Google Reader now so I won't lose you! Your photography and graphics are charming and your ideas are just great!

  5. Such a great idea Ashlyn. All those old badges remind me of my days of old - Girl Guides & Holly Hobby bags! My own girls woud love a project like this, and the vintage trims are worth making a bag for anyway.
    So nice of you to find me and direct me here to your blog. I can see we have much in common, though many miles apart! Amanda x

  6. hi Ashlyn! when I clicked on this post, before I read a word, I had an overwhelming feeling of a memory. and then I see your post is about memories! but for me it wasn't the bags (cute though) but the fabric on the wooden chair in the first photo. had that exact fabric on wooden chairs growing up!! sweet memories, so thank you!!

    happy weekend!

  7. i remember that article. :)
    i looked at every detail.
    love them still today.


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