Friday, July 13, 2012

while procrastinating...I found a new house crush

complete house tour on Designmom here.


  1. That house has great character. I'm going to go check it out!

  2. Great inspiration! I can see why you have a crush :)

  3. I do that too! I also do that at stoplights and check my phone, you know because I get bored in 30 seconds while waiting for the light to turn green. What a great house, love the entry.

  4. Ashlyn,
    We are so on the same page! I looked at this house earlier today while on a "break" from UNpacking! And here I am checking your blog while I should still be Unpacking...but I had to check in on Pinecone, one of my favorite blogs. When I saw this house today at Design Mom it sort of calmed me down. I love it too and it made me happy that we did decide to buy an old house. Nothing fits and I'm bumping into walls but this house reminds me of what my old house could look like...eventually. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Love it too. The windows and doors in the kitchen are amazing. It makes me want to walk around my home and do some styling. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a great summer with your family!


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