Friday, July 27, 2012

what I'm loving lately - educational charts in decorating

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  1. love the top left and bottom left. they are just gorgeous girlie! very fresh and natural.

  2. Love these charts and especially the botanical prints. Would love to find and use one in my decor. We are excited for the Olympics too! and will definitely be watching!!!

  3. Gorgeous photos. I would love to find original charts like these. I only have some illustrations from old books but I love them x

  4. Ashlyn,
    I love these...well most of them, not so much the bugs. My daughter and I are on a college tour road trip and I was hoping the restaurant The Tailor & the Cook that you blogged about was close...I just realized we are not, but in the process of searching I saw a few posts I somehow missed. My daughter keeps saying..."Focus Annie."


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