Tuesday, September 6, 2011

we made it...


  1. Yay Ashlyn! I've been wondering about your move! So happy to hear you are getting settled and making yourself a new normal:) xoxo!

  2. Hello! So good see you back! I was wondering how you were - that is too bad about the water and the repairs. Moving would be hard enough. Hope everything gets fixed quick and that everything goes well for your girls this week!

  3. Hooray! You're there! Wishing you lots of luck (and sanity) while you get good and settled. Happy to hear it's going well so far. xo

  4. Hi Ashlyn-

    I was just thinking about you today. So glad to hear you made it - Hopefully life will be less eventful for you and back to normal soon.

    My best- Diane

  5. Moving is never easy, but it seems you've had more than your share of the unexpected. Hope everyone's first day is great!

    xo annie


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