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Designing a great kid's bedroom can be a challenge and even more so when there are two children in one space - double the furniture, wall hangings, and clothing can be mean increased clutter. However, when created in such a way as to optimize space, girls rooms for two can be pretty and stylish. These eight spaces prove that.

Pretty and pale pastels

Girls Rooms for Two

Home-Designing via

This is an adorable space for two little girls in calming muted colours. The beds are at different heights, which also adds some dimension to the room.

Pink bunk beds

Girls Rooms for Two

Interior Gallery Design via

This girls room for two features bunk beds dressed in pink, which take up less space than side-by-side beds, and a desk with folding canvas chairs that can easily be folded and moved out of the way.

A storybook theme

Girls Rooms for Two

Bedroom Ideas Database via

This whimsical girls bedroom for two features a dreamy storybook theme, with mural wall art and an interesting red and white starred carpet.

Richness for a princess

Girls Rooms for Two

ren3d via

Girls rooms for two don't have to be decorated in a child-like way - this mature gold space can grow with little ones.

Cutesy animal prints

Girls Rooms for Two

Cimots via

What's more girly than little white bunnies hopping across the room? A steel frame bunk bed and adorable wall hangings tie the space together.

Over-the-top texture

Girls Rooms for Two

dismaco via

This girls bedroom for two may be indulgent but doesn't every little one deserve some opulence? There's no shortage of lavish details, from the tufted headboard to the wallpaper and sweeping window treatments.

A wee bit o' country

Girls Rooms for Two

The Simply Luxurious Life via

Simple in design and sweet on classic country looks, the checker quilts in this girls room for two set the whole tone of the home decor in this space.

A stowaway

Girls Rooms for Two


Really taking advantage of all the available space, this girls' bedroom has a bed within a bed, meaning more play room during the daytime.

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  1. Wow....these are adorable my friend...how funky is image number 1...would love to have a room like that in my home. Hope all is well with you. xoxoxo


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