Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Waitress" and Valentine pies

names of pies via techlifeweb
recipes for marshmallow mermaid pie and more here
pie image via somethingsweetbykaren


  1. Oh this is one of my favorite movies too :) I can't beleive that I forgot about all the funny pie names ;) That marshmellow mermaid pie is too cute!
    Natasha xx

  2. Hello!!
    Your blog is adorable! I just found it this afternoon.
    I never saw that movie but it sounds great.
    Thanks for sharing the pie recipe. I want a piece!!

  3. I love this movie too! And it would be so sweet to make him a pie. I heard that cupcakes are SO last year - this year it's pie! :)

  4. Oh I have never seen this movie, but now that you outline the story I will definately go and watch it soon! Love, Maaike

  5. i can't believe it but i've not seen it... its a must now for me to see!

  6. I adore this movie....thanks for such a sweet post today my friend. xoxoxo

  7. yummy, yummy, yummy... i think you should call this the "friendship" pie and invite me over..haha ... Lucky hubbie!

  8. Love this movie too! Keri Russell is one of my very favorites. That pie looks fun. Your blog is really pretty and unique in the way you type everything out!

  9. I rarely get the chance to go to the movies but this was one I went to...with my mom. Such a sweet movie, I need to see it again. And I just adore Kerri Russell! If you make this pie, will you tell me how it turns out. I love anything w/ marshmallow & chocolate. xo


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