Friday, February 11, 2011

ruminations on cars and driving

photos via ruche summer look book


  1. I do not parallel park. Enough said. And my husband refers to my van as the "Vile-mobile". We must be related.

  2. i totally get the 4 way stop scenerio...i give them the thumbs up. kill them with kindness... men are funny...

  3. haha, come to Amsterdam for a change if you like to work on your parallel-parking, it will take you a day at most... I will tell you where to stop for the great relaxing coffees in between your practice :-). Have a great weekend!
    Love, Maaike

  4. yes, you are right: biking is the answer to a city too narrow for cars. Well anyway, you're still welcome!

  5. I use to be able to parallel park until i got my new car and i cannot for the life of my judge the tires and curb right! ugh... so it's a no parallel thing for me too!!!!
    happy Friday!!

  6. I so agree with your driving comments! Especially the guy waving you on. UGH! I love your blog! Saw it on Bluebird Notes.

  7. When I drive I call everyone..."BUDDY"...and I am always saying "what's your problem Buddy?" It is so funny our little habits.

    And for the car is not clean and tidy either.

    Hugs today my friend...happy driving.

  8. much to my husband's dismay, I could care less about cars. like you, as long as they are safe and operational, I am good. I only get gas 1x/month - and I drive an SUV, so that shows you how little I drive. My car is going on 9 years and barely has 70,000 miles and I couldn't tell you the last time it was washed. or vacuumed for that matter. hope you are having a great weekend!

  9. oh, i love this so much....the part about male drivers at the 4-way stop : ) so, so true! they think they are doing us such a favor...what's up with that?


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