Tuesday, October 12, 2010

temple grandin

This movie was amazing!! The movie is a period biographical movie set in the 1960's and 1970's. When the doctor diagnoses Temple as autistic (or infantile schizophrenic) at age four when she isn't speaking yet, her mother refuses to believe that she should have her daughter institutionalized as the doctor suggests. The doctor even says that the medical community think autism is caused by a failure to bond with the mother. Pretty horrifying stuff!

Temple's mother works with her...forces her to go to school and then on to college....a complete uphill battle. It is a really inspirational movie considering that was the diagnosis in the 60's. The mother is absolutely amazing. I can't really imagine having to try to figure out how to reach your child without the resourses we have today. Temple also has a science teacher who really understands her and sees her potential.

Without giving too much away, I thought it was a really important movie. My kids really loved it too (although probably only older kids; there are some really graphic scenes at a cattle slaughterhouse.) See it if you get a chance!

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