Monday, October 25, 2010

floral bikes


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I was watching House Hunters International last night on HGTV, and they went to Amsterdam. Of course everywhere you look people are riding bicycles. Really, really fun bikes... and lots of them are covered in flowers, pets, and small children.
Not one bike helmet in sight.

During one part of the show, the realtor was biking down the street on his way to show a house. The man behind him on his bike, was eating from a tupperware (with fork)
while biking down the very congested street.

It is downright gloomy here today....the flowers are helping a little!


  1. i saw that same episode last night. i loved all the people on bikes. made me want to go visit amsterdam... which house did you think she should have bought?


  2. molly,

    I really liked the one she picked...mainly because of her, right on the canal.


  3. Oh, I would LOVE to go for a ride on the bike in the third picture!
    Enjoy the new week. xx


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