Saturday, September 18, 2010

hounds and history

is this guy cute or what?

the pleading begins...
a beautiful day on the harbor

dogs everywhere

the Grand Opening of the Harbor History Museum

We had a great day. The weather ended up being sunny and perfect. We headed down to the Harbor for the annual Harbor Hounds charity walk. Over here, we have 3 cats (which I happen to think is plenty of animals.) But, once we arrive at Harbor Hounds, the girls start listing all the reasons that we really, really, really need a dog too.

Along with Harbor Hounds, the history museum was having their grand opening today. There were lots of interesting things to look at....a really fun Saturday! Hope yours was great as well!


  1. You get a dog and my kids can watch it when needed! That works, right? Love the Gig Harbor photos. tf

  2. So did you GET the dog?? Hannah would say 2 thumbs up to that. I have her begging for another.. and I am saying 1 cat and 1 dog is plenty. :) Love the pictures! Laurie


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