Wednesday, January 16, 2013

you can design your own blog header


  1. Hi Ashlyn - Love this post as I do all of your posts. I never knew about all the images you can buy on Etsy - love those sketchy frames and the ribbons. Have been looking for stuff like this and never knew where to find it.

    I also wanted to tell you thanks for emailing me explaining how you create your posts. I am going to start experimenting.
    Love your new photo and header.

    XO Diane

  2. #4 is where I start having BIG problems! I've never heard of GIMP, I always assumed you used Photoshop. But this is good...can you come over for coffee tomorrow...bring your computer! lol

  3. Ashlyn- You have some serious talent! What a fantastic design you dreamed up with the drips and drabs!


  4. Looks GREAT! Isn't it amazing how much wonderful stuff is available out there at the click of a mouse? xo

  5. hello, what a lovely header! thanks for putting together all the advice. I might try a new one some time! Heather x

  6. Absolutely love the new header. It is the perfect image for your blog! Have a great day! xx

  7. Thank you so much for sharing all this info!
    I just googled "designing a new blog header" and your post came up, which I'm grateful for!
    This definitely helped point me in the right direction!
    Appreciate it!!
    -your newest reader =)

  8. very inspiring post! I'm always wanting to change mine lol x


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