Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2 favorite finds: gauze jar "vase" & the fall/winter limited edition domino!


  1. oooohhhh....love this Ashlyn! I'm sure it looks so gorgeous in person, but the way you photograph it makes it look...well amazing! makes me want to get off my computer and go look for some fun stuff. I found this little shop in Pound Ridge...just over the border into NY from me (less than 10 minutes) that you would love! All kinds of great stuff. My friend and I were oohing and ahing so much that the owner said she was going to have to charge us. I made a mental note to self...to stop that if I'm ever going to find a bargain!

    I may have to stop and the book store for my copy of Domino..although I was just unpacking all of my Domino original copies and remember seeing the same issue...I think it was the same cover? Anyway...YES we still get lots of paper magazines...our postman who walks his route is probably not to happy with us.

  2. Your vase looks so pretty Ashlyn! I've considerably cut down on my magazine buying. I had so many magazines at one time that it literally took me all day to go through them and tear out what I wanted. Ugh, never again.

  3. I totally love your gauze vase! You always find the cutest containers for blooms. I picked up the first Domino when I happened to be in Canada - this one will be trickier to track down. I do still love printed mags but since moving here, all of my subscriptions are digital just due to the lousy postal system here. Whenever we move back to North America, I'll definitely go the print route again :)


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