Tuesday, October 18, 2011

etsy finds...

wrap watch meggieslove etsy, print happydeliveries etsy.


  1. fun finds! I haven't browsed on Etsy for a while - I think it's time! :)

  2. Hi Ashlyn!! I love when you share your etsy finds. That watch is adorable! i'm slowly getting back in the blogging swing of things and just caught up on about 7 of your posts. They were all amazing! Love your new kitchen table and chairs! The freshened up side board too! Loved your red and black collage and the recipes. Good, good stuff, my friend!! xo, Tessa

  3. i have to know b/c i love that watch: how does one tie it on your own wrist? please share!

  4. Anonymous,

    If you check out the meggielove etsy page,(I have a link at the bottom of the post) and click on one of the watches, she provides a Facebook link about how to tie the watch.


  5. i love this! thank you for the feature and i hope you love your watch :)


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