Wednesday, January 19, 2011

italian soda recipe


  1. your girls are adorable.
    the italian soda looks completely delicious.


  2. Yummy and so pretty! And your girls? Cuties!!

  3. Hey we do this too.....with root beer syrup...yumadoodles...xoxoxo

    Sweet girls!

  4. yum yum
    and lucky you 2 gorgeous girls.
    can you justify this if calorie counting?)

  5. Looks delicious. May have to try this since your girls look so happy and satisfied doing their homework!!

  6. Speaking of recipes, guess what I finally cooked last night?? It was a comedy of errors why it took me so long when I wanted to cook it last week. But finally...we LOVED it and it will definately go into rotation. I didn't have dark beer so I threw in a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce and just to try to continue being a tad healthy, I used ground turkey instead of beef. I felt so proud when it came out of the oven! Thank you!!! xo


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